Configure the Ads Dashboard

Follow these steps to create a new dashboard for your client. If you're an agency, then “client” refers to the entity for whom you're creating the dashboard. If you're not an agency, then “client” refers to you!

UTM Parameters

We strongly recommend using UTM parameters when you post links on paid Facebook ads and posts. If you're not yet doing this, see Add UTM Parameters to Facebook Ads.

Google Analytics

Create a custom segment for traffic coming from Facebook Ads and Google Ads:

  1. Sign in to the client's Google Analytics account.
  2. Go to Admin > View > Personal Tools and Assets > Segments.
  3. Create a new custom segment for Google Ads.
  4. Create a new custom segment for Facebook Ads. Note: If you are not using UTM parameters in the links you post to Facebook, then you should omit the medium parameter (denoted with the green arrow). However, this means that this segment will look at all traffic coming from Facebook, not just paid traffic. UTM parameters are important!

Now we (and Data Studio) have an easy way to differentiate between Google Ads and Facebook Ads traffic.