Add UTM Parameters to Facebook Ads

When people click on a paid link in Facebook to visit your website, we want to be able to identify that traffic and differentiate it from non-paid traffic. Specifically, we need the source to be set to facebook and the medium to be set to ppc.

Google Ads does this automatically; Facebook does not.

The result is ugly data in Google Analytics. First, the source dimension will be one of,,, or some other variation. Further, the medium is not set to ppc, so it is impossible to discern between paid and non-paid traffic.

Here's how to add UTM parameters to your links when you're creating ads in Facebook:

  1. Enter the complete Website URL as you normally would.
  2. Enter a short, recognizable site URL in Display Link.

    This makes it easy for Facebook users to see where they'll be taken if they click on the link.
  3. Click on Build a URL Parameter.
  4. Fill in the source, medium, campaign, and content parameters as shown here.

  5. Continue configuring your ad as you normally would.

That's it! Now Google Analytics is going to get clean, explicit information about where the click originated.

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